accessing param data in call to Visualize.js

 Visualize question that should be obvious (but obviously not to me …)

Doing a demo.  I want to flip between params to show different data.  Is there a way to read the param that was passed in, in javascript, so I can do a conditional?  This is what I have – want to make the button toggle between “test” and “Evan Hospital”:

    vConfig = {
        auth: {
            name: "superuser",
            password: "superuser"


    //container1 with param
    visualize(function (v) {
        var report ={
            resource: "/organizations/organization_1/Reports/Total_Savings_Report",
            container: "#container1",
            params: { "CustomerName": ["test1"] },
            error: handleError

        $("#button").click(function () {
            report.params({ "CustomerName": ["test2"] }).run();

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Ugh - sorry for the bad code formatting.  Thanks for any help!

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