Embed Jasper reports (BI) into another Web application

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We have our customized Web application, where we want to embed the Jasper reports generated in the Jasper reports server.

Currently, we are giving direct link of the report from the server in our web application. When the user clicks on the link, it will redirect to the report server (passing credentials in the url to connect). This will open another web page and navigating to the reports server. This is not a good user experience. So, we want to embed the generated report in our web application itself.

Can you please provide any workaround for this requirement or any sample that best fits for this requirements.

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1 Answer:

JasperReports Server  Professional edition has Visualize.js component that allows developers to embed reports in html <div> tags.


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Thanks Hozawa,

Hope you understood my requirement. The report is generated in the Jasper reports server properly. Currently its redirecting to Jasper reports server from our own web application. Instead, we want to integrate/embed that report into our web application itself. Does this visualize.js fulfill this requirement ?

I see the Jasper reports War file distribution in the documentation. (Jasper Reports-Server-cp-Install-Guide_0). CHAPTER 5 INSTALLING THE WAR FILE DISTRIBUTION.

Can we follow the approach mentioned in this pdf to install the Jasper reports in the same Tomcat server where our web application exist and embed it with our own web app?

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itsvarma434 - 8 years 1 week ago

Hi Hozawa,

We are using JasperReports community edition server. Does this visualize.js supports for this? In the documentation, we found that it won't support. To achieve this, we have to use either iFrames or Rest API. Please clarify.

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itsvarma434 - 8 years 1 week ago