Jasper crash in big String: version 3.7.6


Hi everyone!

Before I have to tell that we cannot update jasper we are working with 3.7.6 and cannot be update.

We generate pdfs with jasper & java taking information from web form. The issue is that we can have a text (or WYSIWYG) field that can be very big, and sometime is crashing. We have notice that if a field of that kind ins more than 7550 characters crash, we don't know why. We have debugged the app and all the info is travelling well in our app, untill it arrives to jasper methods, it crashes when is writting the report.

We have done a quick fix by cutting the long field in 7000 characters chunks, and at least the report is generated and it does not crash but jasper prints a backspace between every chunk, so the pdfs looks a bit wreid.

There are two possibles solutions that will work, but we are not able to make them work :(

  1. Being able to write very long strings: the best sollution, any idea?
  2. Removing backspace between chunks: this will be OK too, but how?

Thanks :D

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