30 fusion charts expired, jaspersoft server license extension

I had the 30 trial for the JasperServer. It expired. I requested an extension, and that came to me as "jasperserver.license". I put that into the server directory, and the server functionality was restored. However, the components like "chart Pro" won't work because the JRPro30DayEval.license file is expired. The TIBCO business manager has told me that the same license should work for the server and for the charts pro component. I would like to restore charts pro functionality for my new trial period. Please help me resolve this issue. My data source is on AWS, and I'll be moving to Jaspersoft using the on-demand AWS server as well.


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1 Answer:

This is an issue for the commercial sales side.  I would advise you go back to your TIBCO business contact and work it out with them. 

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