Subreport either splitting or breaking and not showing it's information

I have a master report with 7 subreports in it. Each subreport should do a page break if it doesn't fit in the remaining of the page, and they do, in exception for the last subreport.

When I put the last subreport detail band to Split Type=Prevent, and the subreport's Ignore Pagination=false, just like all the other subreports, instead of printing in a new page, it does a page break, and leaves it empty, without printing any part of the subreport. The most curious thing is that changing Split Type to anything else, will print the subreport, dividing the last line in the new page (the one line that should cause the subreport to break into a new page, in case the Split Type=Prevent).

I tried all sort of combinations but i haven't been able to find a solution. Any suggestions?

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