Histogram in Jaspersoft

How do I go about creating a histogram in Jaspersoft? Thanks!

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1 Answer:


if you use Jasper Studio (commercial /community edition), you create a New Report,

then create a DATASET for the data you want to show.

After in the palette ELEMENTS in right side, you drag on report the CHART element,
this open a Wizard for the chart, you select the BAR CHAR TYPE, select the DATASET cretated, 
and choose the category and the series.

I hope I was clear

Bye Max


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Thanks, Max, but bar chart is not the same as histogram. I need a histogram.

mynick07 - 8 years 6 months ago

Hello mynick
you're right they are not exactly the same thing,I checked on Wikipedia and Histogram and Bar chart are different type of graph.
i think now in Jasper report are not present the Histogram graph yet,
but in the community answer I found this post
I hope will be useful for you
Bye Max


mm972 - 8 years 6 months ago