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I have followed the instructions of on how to create a custom function. I can see the sample functions in my expression editor but when i add my own function it is not accessible. Also if i delete both of the custom functions, my custom functions folder it is not visible in expression editor. Am i missing something?Do i have to inform studio for my changes. I have restarted studio after i added my function but with no luck



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1 Answer:


You should 'register' functions in both file and the file that can be located in your custom function folder.

You'll need version 6.0.3 btw as well, before that version there was some trouble with those functions see

Rebooting sometimes fixes the problem in older versions. If it doesn't work, you can try to manipulate the excisting functions (change content etc. so it does what you want and then change is step by step; did help/learn me a lot ).


Good luck!

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