JasperSoft Studio - How to set the JRE to Use?

I am using JasperSoft Studio 6.0.3 and I seem to be locked to use 1.7 JRE. I need to use 1.6 instead.

Both 1.7 and 1.6 JRE are installed in my machine (different projects needing different JRE's). Please note that my JAVA_HOME and executing java -version from command line shows 1.6 JRE.

I am familiar with Eclipse and can't seem to find the Installed JRE's in the Preference (currently, only possible JRE to use is the 1.7 one).



I am looking for a solution other than manually editing these 3 files: .install.xml, libraryInfos.xml and org.eclipse.jdt.launching.prefs

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1 Answer:

The JRE for studio is set in the jaspersoftStudio.ini file in the -vm argument inside that file

In a Mac the .ini file is in: /Applications/Jaspersoft Studio x.x.x.final/Jaspersoft Studio (Professional).app/Contents/MacOS/Jaspersoft Studio Professional
In Windows is in
C:\Program Files\Jaspersoft\Jaspersoft Studio-x.x.x.final
Look at this Question http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/825226/jaspersoft-studio-macos... is about a different problem but talks about the .ini files and the options you have there to control the JVM
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