Report creation fails with ad hoc view using table with group on calculated field

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I have an ad hoc view that has several calculated measures in the columns and a single calculated field in the group area (this is a table displaying totals data only). When I try to create a report using my ad hoc view, I'm getting the following error:

Error Message

Report design not valid : 1. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1 2. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1 3. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_StartDate 4. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_EndDate 5. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_NumberIfViews 6. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_NumberOfClicks_1 7. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_ClickThroughRate_1 8. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_StayedOnPageForLessThan5Seconds 9. Field not found : public_related_content_tracking_information.DECODED__Related_Content_Algo_Type1_BounceRate


It seems like it's putting the following in front of each of my calculated measures (this is the name of the calculated field that the ad hoc view is grouping by):


When I export the report and check the ad hoc xml files everything looks correct, but the report xml files have these messed up field/measure names. This looks like some kind of bug in the report creation process, is there anyway around this? Thanks for your time.

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I recreated the ad hoc view from scratch and it worked this time.

I did rename and delete some calculated fields and measures when I was creating the original version, so maybe that's where things got weird.

dwalton_1 - 7 years 4 months ago

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