Parameter/variable not being passed to drill down Report

I recently started working on JasperSoft and was trying to make a few drill charts and reports. But somewhere I guess, I am making a mistake. The Parameter/variable value is not being passed from my Report 1 (Main/Parent report) to Report 2 (Drill/Down or Child Report).

I am using MongoDB as the Database. The screenshot of my collection is:

I want to create a Main Report - Pie Chart where my profession would be plotted (engineer, doctor, lawyer). My Drill Down Report should should the sentiment of each of this slice (positive, neutral, negative). I created the Main/parent report (URL to config of main report: and the drill-down/child report (URL of drilldown report query: ) (Is my query correct as I have tried to use the ${profession} but that doesn't work).

I then added the hyperlink - Reference to my main report ( and the parameter in hyperlink settings to the main report (URL: ) . I then created the parameter in my child/drilldown report:

I added an Input control in my JasperServer (Which i guess is incorrect). Steps of screenshot to my creation of Input Control are:

Link to the entire folder of screenshot:

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