input parameter populated from prompt seems to be ignored - newbie

I can't seem to get an integer input parameter entered via the dialog to pass through to the report.  I enter the parameter value and hit the "play" button at the bottom of the parameter view.  Messages flash by briefly indicating that it's compiling the report, starting, and then it displays the text "The report requires that you specify the value for some report parameters before running it".  If I set the "is for prompt" setting on the parameter to false, the report runs correctly and the results display (albeit my parameter displays as null which makes sense because I wasn't prompted to set the value).  

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?   I am very new to the product so feel free to start at the most basic suggestions.  I am running jaspersoft studio 6.0.3.  I have a data adapter defined.  The report is intended to be a subreport with the key value passed in but I'm trying to get the report working on it's own first.

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If you are using a dataset you need to make sure to have a parameter at the report level and another within the dataset and then wherever you use that dataset got to the parameters and map them together if that makes sense. I haven't used subreports but for tables and charts if you go to where you actually configure the dataset there is also a place to define parameters or a parameter map and you'll want to map your global parameters to your dataset parameters. Hopefully that helps!

srang - 8 years 1 month ago

Thanks for the reply!  I'm not using datasets.  I've actually removed all references to this parameter from the report except the parameter definition itself.  I'm assuming it's something simple, but I haven't been able to track it down yet.

gerald.meachem - 8 years 1 month ago

Start with something simple to prove to yourself that the parameter value is being set. Find the parameter listed in the outline view and drag it into your title band. Then run the report, enter a parameter value and see if the value appears as text in the title band.

james.t - 8 years 1 month ago
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it does not appear. I get the message  "The report requires that you specify the value for some parameters before running it." although I gave the parameter a value.

gerald.meachem - 8 years 1 month ago

That seems odd unless you've got another parameter defined in your report. If you don't think you have then I am not sure what to suggest - perhaps the report XML has become corrupt in some way. It might be worth starting a new report from scratch and add bits in one at a time.

james.t - 8 years 1 month ago

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