Jaspersoft server 6.0 world map report

I have Jaspersoft server AWS version, I see in the samples a world map chart report. However when I create a new adhoc view, I can't see any map in the chart types.

How can I create a world map report based on an adhoc view?


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3 Answers:

There is no such option in Ad Hoc designer. You would have to use a report designer like iReport Professional or Jaspersoft Studio Professional. A world map component is available under the Maps Pro palette.

Hope clarifies a little. Please check iReport Ultimate Guide for detailed information (it's availalbe in the Docs section).


- Stas

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Jaspersoft has not provided the HTML Map. Hope It can be expected in the upcoming versions. You can use Maps Pro element in JasperStudio right now.



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Can you tell us how to use maps pro

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