How to set up a mail for email delivery for reports in Jaspersoft


I want to set up email delivery of reports. I read that I need to set up mail delivery options. I am using AWS Jaspersoft server 5.x. How I can enable email delivery in AWS Jaspersoft server?



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Any answers for this question?

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Hi Gowri, to configure the scheduler mailing options you need to SSH into your EC2 instance and setup your mail server configuration in the file Quartz config file. The file is located in "/usr/share/tomcat7/webapps/jasperserver-pro//WEB-INF/" you may need to use "sudo" since the ec2-user by default does not have permision in this folder. Pick your favorite text editor and edit the config file, at the bottom you will find this:

Change those values to match your mail server and you are set. Here is an article that explains this more in depth:

You also have some extra scheduelr configuration that is explained in the JasperServer Admin Guide

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