Not able to create a filter in adhoc view with between operator


I am using Jaspersoft server in AWS. For past couple of days I am not able to create filter in adhoc view with between operator. It gets error out and not able to add/edit any filter. I have some old adhoc views which use filter with between operator. Can any one know why this of kind of error happens?

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Hello gowri, please give us details about version of JRS and error text if any. In the Browser goto Developer Tools > Console/JavaScript Console and copy logged errors during that action.

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Here is the screen shot of the error from Jasper Server. It comes as empty  and Attached  screen shot as attachment

Here is the error from Java console

 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'chartType' of (anonymous function)jquery-1.11.0.js:2 ot.event.dispatchjquery-1.11.0.js:2 g.handlejquery-1.11.0.js:2 ot.event.triggerjquery-1.11.0.js:2 (anonymous function)jquery-1.11.0.js:1 ot.extend.eachjquery-1.11.0.js:1 ot.fn.ot.eachjquery-1.11.0.js:2 (anonymous function)
jquery-1.11.0.js:3 GET http://server-ipaddress/jasperserver-pro/adhoc/intelligentChart.html?action=getMaxMinValues&fieldName=event_ts&clientKey=9213418280658 500 (Internal Server Error)jquery-1.11.0.js:3 sendjquery-1.11.0.js:3 (anonymous function) (anonymous function) (anonymous function) p.(anonymous function) (anonymous function) (anonymous function)


gowri - 8 years 7 months ago

Is there any update on this issue? I am still having this issue and not able to create new reports.

gowri - 8 years 7 months ago

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