Chaining pre filters with OR in domain designer

In the domain editer, normally multiple pre-filters are chained using AND (filter1 AND filter2 AND ...)

Is there a way to alter this behaviour so the pre-filters are chained using OR (filter1 OR filter2 OR ...)?


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1 Answer:

Yes, it is possible but you will need a bit of work. I will summaries steps below:

  • Frist create domain with all the filters that are to be applied.
  • Export the domain (server settings->export)
  • Unzip the file
  • Find, you will see line such as <filterString>users.first_name == 'Will' and users.first_name == 'Jim'</filterString>
  • Replace and with or
  • zip it back and import it to JRS

Thats it! you are ready to go.

Easier way would be to add those filters in adhoc viewer. :)





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