Why is always the last uploaded style sheet's pdf font used.

The pdf font name in the latest uploaded style template is the one used by jasperserver regardless of the style sheet name in the template specification in the jasper report that is run.

2 style sheet templates: styles.jrtx in which all pdf font names are DejaVuSans and styles_ch.jrtx in which all pdf fontnames are StSong-light.
Both style sheets are uploaded into the jasper server repository in the Resource folder of a report unit.
The report elements only use the styles from the style sheet.
It does not matter whether we specify repo:styles.jrtx or repo:styles_ch.jrtx in the template node of the report, it will always use the pdf font of the style sheet that was uploaded last.
Jasper reports server 4.7.0 on Linux 64 with jasperreports 5.0.0.
jasperserver 6.0 with jasperreports 6.0 shows the same behaviour, on top of that it is not only the  pdf font settings , but all styles  from the last uploaded stylesheet become the 'current' style for the report.
My conclusion is that it is no use to change the style sheet template name or its path during runtime driven by runtime parameters, because the styles that where uploaded last will be used.  
In order to implement different styles in the same report during runtime, you have to register different report units, each unit with its own style sheet template.
To me this is a less than desirable implementation model. 
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