JasperReports 6.0.0 calculates wrong textView height with custom fonts/sizes


I'm using JasperReports 6.0.3 and iText 5.5.4 for generate PDF documents.

Dynamically before PDF generation I change Styles (with font size and colors) and Font to JasperReport elements (also tried modifying JasperDesign elements and recompiling)

Fonts are installed on this machine (but also tried the font-extension mechanism provided by JasperReports) The issue is that the height for text rects is not right calculated; sometimes there is too much white space, and sometimes text is not fully rendered, cutting last words.

I'm exporting in pdf so I provide this option regard Font


style.setPdfFontName(fontPath + fontRelativePath.toString());

Can anyone managed using custom fonts, and had right height calculation?


Thank You Very Much!


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