Jasper Ad Hoc view looks fine, But report based on the view looks weird.

I created the above Ad Hoc view, a pretty basic one. And it looks fine. But as soon as I made a report out of the view, it looked like the following:


What is possibly going wrong here, and how can I fix this?


Thank you! :)

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1 Answer:

It may have to do with the Adhoc Template that you are using to generate the report, are you using  Actual Size or one that defines a specific page width?

If you need more info loot at the  JasperReports Server Admin Guide 5.5 section 7.8.4 Ad Hoc Templates and Report Generators.

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Hi, thanks for the information. Could you explain more about what is Actual Size and one that defines a specific page width?

vivek.o.todi - 8 years 1 month ago