iReport Design broken when uploaded to the jasper server


Dear all,

I got a problem with report design I created with iReport. On iReport, the design could be previewed perfectly, but when I uploaded it to the jasper server and run the report, the design was totally broken.
Here is the report previewed on the iReport :

And here's the pict when uploaded and run on the jasper server

Can anyone tell me why ??

Thanks for the help guys :)

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Does the same thing happens when you export the report to PDF?
Also the default preview in iReport and Jaspersoft Studio (JSS) is with the Java Viewer, and the Server uses HTML; try looking at the report in JSS with the HTML output to see if it looks similar to what happens on the server.

marianol - 6 years 7 months ago

2 Answers:


iReport is not supported in recent releases of JasperReports Server. Try using Jaspersoft Studio.

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I've tried to run in jaspersoft studio and compiled it, the result was good. But once more when I uploaded it to jasper server with jaspersoft studio, it's broken again..>_<

septard90 - 6 years 7 months ago

Do you get the same issues with other web browsers?

Also the web browser view in the screen shot shows 75% is it the same when the view is 100%?

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septard90, are you previewing in HTML?

hozawa - 6 years 7 months ago