How to embed a dashbaord with visualize.js?

Using visualize.js, how to specify the url of a dashbaord to embed? I only see I can embed report urls. I have the AWS version.




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1 Answer:

VIsualize.js for dashboards is only supported in version 6.0.1 of Jaspersoft for AWS to know which version you are runnin click in the "About JasperReports Server" link in the footer (left side) of the JRS UI.

The information on using Visualize.js with dashboards is in the JasperServer Visualize.js Guide. The API  is very similar to the reports one, something like:

var dashboard = v.dashboard({
    resource: "/public/test_dashboard",
    container: "#container",
    success: function() { console.log("dashboard rendered"); },
    error: function(e) { alert(e); }

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