AWS Visualize.js and Secure connection

I need to have a secure connection to jasper using visualize.js. I found an article that describes installing CAS on jaspersoft server but community edition. Didn't find anything for AWS version. Any ideas? Perhaps there's another way for AWS edition?

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hi i am currently using aws+jasper, now i need to use visualize.js!! unfortunatley native methods are not working properly,

can you share how did you solve your issue..

avinash.eng18 - 6 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

Remember that the AWS version of JasperServer is the same as the commercial JasperServer Pro; the JasperServer Authentication Cookbook (

Has all the info abut the out-of-the-box authentication methods and also describes the API for implementin your own SSO mechanism; JasperServes uses Sping Security as it's authentication and authorization layer, and allowes you to plug in your own filters.


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