Starting a new Jasper Community server in AWS - which ami to use?

So I'm trying to launch a new Jasper community instance in the AWS cloud.  My only options from the launch panel are 'Hourly', or 'BYOL'

Where is the jasper community 6 server AMI?  Is there not one created yet?

Is there a way to convert the 6.01 BYOL to a community edition?


Thanks for your help!

Chris Peterson


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1 Answer:

BYOL stands for Bring Your Own License.  If you already have a license, then BYOL makes sense.

Hourly is just what it says. Its <$1 an hour.  Many folks use an hourly setup for evaluation and then but a license at their leisure.

You can start Hourly and then move to a License at a later time.

We don't offer a Community Edition AWS product.

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This makes me very sad, I suppose I will wade through the install steps and get it running that way. We are very happy with the community edition, was really hoping to see an AMI to easily get a server running. Thanks for your time.

cpeterson_1 - 8 years 7 months ago