Http to Https redirection in jasper server.



I am new to jasper server, apache web server.

I am having trouble in redirecting http to https from jasper server.

I have done the setup like this..

1. Deployed Jasper server in Jboss.

2. Configured apache server to redirect to jboss using proxy pass

<VirtualHost *:443>

... <ssl cert details included>

                  <Location /jasperserver/>
   ProxyPass  http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/
      </Location> ....

When I tried to access https://<apache host>/jasperserver/

Its giving error -: Reason: You're speaking plain HTTP to an SSL-enabled server port

Its more like when ever I access the apache url https://<apache host>/jasperserver/   all its internal calls of jasperserver are made in http instead of https.Ex : http://<apache host>/jasperserver/home.html

Can any one please tell me how to redirect from http to https?


I tried enabling <transport-guarantee>CONFIDENTIAL</transport-guarantee> in jasper web.xml but its giving redirect loop error (calling the https://<apache host>/jasperserver/ url around 20 to 30 times and giving error).


Thanks in advance.


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