How to get Annual Growth rate in Crosstab?

Hi I am new in this and  i would like to ask how to produce annual Growth rate using crosstab?

to make it simple ,in my database it contains the Year, Item,quantity like this:

2014 Book  35
2014 Pencil 56
2015 Book 67
2015 Pencil 50



now in my report query i filtered it by "YEAR". By creating crosstab i produced something like this:

  $F{Year} Total Quantity Measure
$F{Item} $V{Quantity_measure} $V{Quantity_measure}


which shows something like this

  2014 2015 Total
Book 35 67 102
Pencil 56 50 106


I want to calculate the annual growth rate but cant manipulate the datas by Year as it only produces the total of both years, is there any way i can use the formula for annual growth rate in crosstab?

Can anyone give me a sample template or any info on how to do it? Thank you very much. I want to produce a report output like this:


  2014 2015 Growth Rate
Book 35 67 91.42%
Pencil 56 50 -10.71%


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1 Answer:

The problem involves inter-column calculation which Jasper has some difficulty in dealing with.

Suggest using esProc to first prepare the data source and calculate and the growth rate:

A1=mydb.query("select * from store order by item,year")["Growth Rate",item,~(2).quantity/~(1).quantity-1]))

Code explanation is available from

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