JasperReports 6.0 licensing and iText 5.5

I just looked at the new JasperReports 6.0 version and realized that while 5.6.1 still used the LGPL-compatible version 2.1.7 of iText, the new 6.0 release depends on iText 5.5.0 which is licensed under AGPL instead.

Assuming that this doesn't break licensing per se (IANAL, I'm guessing you checked), this afaik still implies that users of JasperReports 6.0 will need to purchase an iText license if they want to use JasperReports in any product (even server-side-only). Is this intended? I just wonder because the issues has been discussed for older releases but I couldn't find any mention regarding this change.

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1 Answer:

The license file of iText shipped with the Jasperreports Library states the following:

iText Version 5 LGPL Exception

As a special exception, the copyright holders of this library
give you permission to use this library only in connection with
the Jaspersoft LGPL Library and may only be distributed as part of the
Jaspersoft LGPL Library. You may only call the library through interfaces
provided in the Jaspersoft LGPL Library and not in any way use this library
except through the Jaspersoft LGPL Library. If you redistribute the
Jaspersoft LGPL Library with this library, you must extend this exception
to your version of the library. If you choose to remove this library from
the Jaspersoft LGPL Library, you may remove this restriction.

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