Jasper Server 5.2 URL Call vs. 6.01


I am working on a Jasper Server 5.2 and looking to upgrade it to 6.01.

Currently, I am using a direct URL call to generate the xls version of a report with this URL:

show url: http://localhost:8080/jasperserver52/report?_repName=integration/v_ab_20...

The path (integration/v_ab_20151/subfolder/r) is an absolute path on the tomcat server. "report1" is a .jrxml-file with a couple of linked subreports (.jasper files).

Is it possible to have such a call (with an absolute path) for Jasper 6.01? I know that it works with a "relative" path when you create the report in the web frontend, but since I do not have permissions to create the reports in the web frontend, I need to replace the files directly.

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