Ad Hoc Report Not Returning All Data

When viewing an ad hoc report in JRS, only the first 36 pages are being returned.  By default, the input controls are all set to "is one of", with the "NONE" option selected to bring back everything that the view/domain finds.  If I switch the filters to "ALL" while viewing the report, all pages (approx. 1500) are returned.  Since this report is used against several sets of data, is there a way to display all the data on the report while having the input controls set to "NONE"?  This is a default tomcat/postgreSQL installation on a 64-bit, Windows 7 machine, connecting to an Oracle 11gR2 database using the TIBCO Oracle driver.

Thanks in advance.

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in the adhoc designer there is a button to view the sql that is being generated to fetch the data. Can you check if this is showing up the correct sql?

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