Page break if subreport overflows

Hello all,

I have an issue with a report I am trying to make and was hoping someone here might be able to help me.

My goal is to print a table where I dont know beforehand how many rows or columns there will be.
My approach have been to compile the XML-datasource I have so it builds all the columns I need. In the main report in the detail band I have one subreport for columns, that call on a subreport to list all values.
I have columns in my main report so that I get a nice table with all my values.

Here comes my issue, if the number of columns is more then can fit on one page the "wrap" and pushes the next column one step like I try to show in the table below.

c11 c14 c21 c24
c12   c22  
c13   c23  

What I would like to do is if my subreport would "wrap" I would like the rows that overflows to show on the next page instead.

c11 c21
c12 c22
c13 c23


c14 c24

Something that might be worth mentioning is that the number of columns in itself spans from 2-4 pages. So if it overflows it would be 4-8 pages... is this doable?

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