List of possible report related URL parameters?


can somebody point me to a documentation, where are lited all possible report related URL parameters?

I mean parameters like:

  • output=pdf
  • j_username=xyz
  • j_password=abc
  • ...

What else could be passed via URL?

  • dataSource?
  • encoding?
  • output file name?
  • format?  (like pdf, rtf, xls, xlsx, ...)
  • locale? (like de_DE, en_EN, ...)
  • Encoding? (SO-8859-15, UTF-8, Windows-1252, ....)

This would help me a lot.

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2 Answers:

Parameters that can be used with any URL (not just reports):

  • userlocale - locale of the user, for example, http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/login.html?userLocale=en_US
  • j_username
  • j_password
  • theme
  • decorate - decorate=no removes page headers, footers, and borders just for the one call
  • sessionDecorator - sessionDecorator=no removes page headers, footers, borders for the session
  • _opt - turns optimization off for this call, for example,w hen you are modifying a javascript page and want to debug. Not really a production option.

Parameters that work only with reports:

  • output - specifies output format - pdf, xls, xlsNoPag, xlsx, xlsxNoPag, rtf, csv, swf
  • reportLocale - locale to use for executing the report.
  • pageIndex - specifies the initial page that sould be displayed when launching the report (so if you want to open it on page 2)
  • anchor - specifies the name of an anchor - I'm not sure what these are, but I'm guessing you can make them with JSS.



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Thank you for a reply.

Is there an option how to send a dataSource? I have a report saved in JS Server, without link to dataSource. That's because of DEV and LIVE database. But so far I don't know how to pass it. Option is to have stored each file twice in JSS, one for DEV database and other one for LIVE.

keptom00 - 8 years 8 months ago

The most important parameters for JR hyperlink are Hyperlink Type, Hyperlink Target, and for hyperlink of type ReportExecution, the hyperlink parameter called “_report”,

Please refer to Jaspersoft Studio User Guide, section "Anchors, Bookmarks, and Hyperlinks" for detail.

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