JasperServer 5.6 and Standalone tomcat


 We do not use postgres, instead we use MSSQL 2008.  Recently we have switched to using a stand alone tomcat install.  Previously we used jetty and had no problems, but we're also trying to switch from Jasper 5.0 to 5.6 so there could be some snags there as well.

I have created a default_master.properties file in the buildomatic folder by copying the sql example from the sample_conf folder and editing it to point to our sql jasperserver database.   I have also changed the context.xml file in META-INF to point to the correct sql database, however whenever I try to import something from the command line I always get:

Cannot load driver class: org.postgressql.driver

I don't want to use postgress.  I've searched for any config files that refer to that and it seems to point to sql.   Is there a config file I am missing?



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IIf you are using the commercial edition and are building from the war file and want MSSQL for the repository, then look carefully at chapter 6 of the 5.6 install guide for the version you are installing. There were some changes to our support for MSSQL drivers around this time.  In fact, there were changes to the drivers from 5.5 to 5.6.0 and then from 5.6.0 to 5.6.1. In 5.6.0,  you will have to make sure that you have a driver of your own and that you put it in the correct location. IN 5.6.1, you can use your standard MSSQL driver or you can use the new commercial TIBCO driver that is in the project. If you are using your existing driver, you need to use your old buildomatic file, although you may need to modify it slightly for your new tomcat. 

I believe you should not edit context.xml directly - the changs are propagated from default_master.properties.

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I cannot seem to locate this anywhere. On the support portal is a copy of the 6.0 guide, but when I go back to prior versions I cannot get a copy of the 5.6.0 guide (which we are using) or even the 5.6.1 guide. Is there anyone that can get me a copy of that guide?

I have gotten past the postgressql message by editing the js.jdbc file in buildomatic\conf_source\iePro to point to sql. However, now I am getting an error stating that the 'PREPARESQL statement was not initiated properly' when trying to import via buildomatic. I have reverted the changes in context.xml. The problem is likely the driver issue, but without the proper version of the install guide I'm a bit lost.


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I did get the install doc from support. So, I'm following along with that. I think I have it setup right, but still getting the error when importing and cannot open the JasperServer url. I get 404 not found error. However I can get the tomcat welcome page by going to (we're using 8081 instead of 8080)

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Follows elizam's instructions. Since you've already executed the script file, be sure to delte buildomatic\build_conf folder so the new configuration will take effect.

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