Can I create an OLAP analysis view by using JasperReports library in my java application

Hi ,
     I am a novice in jasperserver.I wanted to integrate jasperserver in my web application.I was able to create a pdf using JasperReports library in my java application.
However ,I want to create OLAP analysis views using the JasperReports library(and not the JAsperReports server) in my web application.Is this possible ?
If yes,can you please guide me as to how I should proceed ?
I actually want to get an idea about how JasperReports server works when we see an OLAP analysis view 

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I have same doubt, when can we expect answer for this question ?

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1 Answer:

OLAP is a feature of the TIBCO JasperReports® Server.

From the TIBCO Jaspersoft OLAP Ultimate Guide

Community and Commercial Editions

Jaspersoft OLAP is a component of our community project and commercial offerings. Jaspersoft integrates the standard features of JPivot and Mondrian with additional features, including an enhanced user interface, streamlined tool bars and icons, fast expand and collapse features, and consistent option panes. The commercial editions also include row-level data security, performance tuning, and profiling reports and views to identify optimization candidates.

This guide discusses all editions. Sections of the guide that apply only to the commercial editions are indicated with a special note.


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