PostgreSQL 9.4.0 bytea image problem in iReport 5.5.0

Hi all,

    i am using iReport  5.5.0 to printing report for OpenERP and i am getting mad trying to load an image from Postgresql database, i have tried to use every nearly every possible combination of the field Class and expression Class of the image ( in both, java.lang.String in both, java.lang.Object:java.awt.Image, etc....), i have changed the postgresql jdbc3.jar  but still does not works.

I have searched in the forum and google to no avail but i can't find a solution to load directly from the database.

when i put directly the field which contains the value of the image i get this in pdf /tmp/tmp6SskcV

Any help on this please please please? i passed many days on this problem. Please someone give the steps to do it.

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Had the same problem ! Stil not resolved. =/

wagnerfaria1601 - 6 years 11 months ago

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