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I've got a bit of an odd issue with a complex report I'm working on. Running jasper 5.6.1 and I have a cascading input control which seems to be working properly as the one drop down input (account id) passes to the multi select and returns the expected information (page id, each is an integer). The problem is when I select anything from the multi select and then run the report, it acts as if nothing has been selected. I've tried this both as passing the multi select as java.lang.Integer and as java.util.Collection, both results are the same. When the main query gets to $X{IN,, selectPages}  the query acts as though nothing was passed and runs it as 0 = 0. No errors are thrown and logging does not seem to show any problems.Hoping somebody can offer an idea as to what's going on. 

Edit: I've uploaded the source code for the report and query to the link below.



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It's difficult to answer without looking at your report and input controls. It would be good if you export your report with the input controls and upload the exported file.

hozawa - 5 years 7 months ago

Maybe a stupid question, but did you test your SQL query (in some SQL workbench or so)? To be sure it's not yoru Query/resultset that's the problem.

I use this situation and it works for me. If above is not the problem, it's like hozawa sais: dificult to answer withou report and input conrtols.

gert_1 - 5 years 7 months ago

I've uploaded the export of the report code to a pastie. Not sure where/how to export the input controls however, have those set up directly on the server. If one of you could point me in the right direction I'll upload those as well.

I wrote and tested the main query directly in MySQL Workbench, it does in fact work and returns accurate data, but as I said the one input control is not coming through which seems to be causing the problem. 

Thanks for taking a look at this. :)


s.orr - 5 years 7 months ago

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