LDAP organizationRoleMap not working in 6.01

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from 5.5 to 6.0.1 (Community Edition), and now my role mappings don't work for externally authenticated users :-(.

The problem is not with the LDAP search - I can see the external roles in the user infromation pane - they are simply not mapping to the system roles.  In particular I have an external role - ROLE_REPORTING_ADMIN that I want to map to the ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR role in Jasper.  This worked fine under 5.5, but now in 6.0.1 it's broken.  If anyone has any ideas what's wrong with this config I'd be delighted to hear :-):

    <bean id="externalUserSetupProcessor" class="com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.security.externalAuth.processors.ExternalUserSetupProcessor" parent="abstractExternalProcessor">
        <property name="userAuthorityService">
            <ref bean="${bean.internalUserAuthorityService}"/>
        <property name="defaultInternalRoles">
        <property name="organizationRoleMap">

As a temporary workaround I've had to comment out the organizationRoleMap property entirely; this at least lets me set the ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR on the relevant user's statically from within JR. (If I leave the organizationRoleMap config in place, every time the user logs in they lose ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR.)

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2 Answers:

I see a different class for the bean in the multi-tenant LDAP config sample file.  It looks like you may be using the single tenant config. This difference has been there for a while as far as I know, so I don't know if it will help.

 <bean id="mtExternalUserSetupProcessor" class="com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.multipleTenancy.security.externalAuth.processors.MTExternalUserSetupProcessor" parent="abstractExternalProcessor">
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Yep, I am using the single-tenant configuration because I'm using the Community Edition. Multi-tenant is only available in the commercial editions (and is not what I want anyway :-).)

tim_12 - 8 years 2 months ago

(As an aside, this community board really is bloody awful; I appear to have inadvertently made this a 'best answer' even though it doesn't help. Oh well ;-). Thanks for trying anyway, by the way!)

tim_12 - 8 years 2 months ago

I have created a Bug for the same and also mentioned the workaround till the fix is in place. Please refer below link.



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