Pie charts losing properies on main report, PDF export

I'm creating some small pie charts in a subreport. I have the chart set to use the aegean theme and to hide labels. When I preview the subreport, I get what I expect:


When I use the "java" preview the main report, which calls this subreport, it shows the labels. Following advice I read on this forum, I tried to fix this by setting the labels to null. This had the effect of not showing the labels but unfortunately, it still reserves space for them, so I end up with very small pies indeed.


Further, when I preview the main report using PDF (which is what I need in the end) it also loses the aegean theme and uses the default theme (which has a shadow and no box around it).


If I view the subreport as PDF, it comes out fine, hiding the labels and using the theme I selected.

Any way to get the main report and PDF export of same to look like the subreport PDF export?

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