how to use $X{IN, $F{field}, $P{param}} in expression editor?


Hello, everyone.

I would like to ask a question.
so i have created report in jaspersoft studio, i want to add filter expession (where $F{field} in($P{param})) for this report using $X{IN, $F{field}, $P{param}} syntax.
how to using it in this editor? is that possible?

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1 Answer:


Within the report, I believe you use java-based syntax, for example:

OR($F{field}.equals("Value1"), $F{field}.equals("Value2") )

I think the $X{IN, $F{field}, $P{param}} syntax is only used when filtering an Input Control (the server-side object, not the corresponding parameter in the studio report), or if you want to use a Filter Expression in the Dataset and Query Dialog.

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