Impact of Organization Order within Jasper Studio 5.5

There are two issues I am facing within JS Studio 5.5 related to the positioning of an organization within my Repository Explorer tab.  

1.  The referenced style sheet only loads for the topmost Organization.  This is problematic because you can't tell whether or not styles are being applied to fields when working within an organization that is not topmost.  It looks like a un-styled report until you run it off of JasperServer where it will then correctly display a styled report.

2.  When saving a report to the server, JS Studio does not bring you to the location from which you opened the report !!  Again, this only happens when you are working within an organization that is not the first in the list of organizations set up in the Repository explorer.  This makes it difficult to work out of multiple organizations during the course of the day not to mention if a report is accidently overwritten it is much harder to retrieve the original copy than it was using IReport.  IReport also handled this better with the "Replace with current document' function.  It seems to me that JS Studio has trouble following the organization structure.

Have others run into these issues and/or know how it can be resolved?  

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I suggest you open this in the issue tracker:

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