Format Issues After Swap from iReport 3.7.1 to JasperStudio 5.6.1


Good afternoon,

We are long overdue for an upgrade to iReport and decided to make the switch to JasperStudio at the same time. Everything seems pretty straightforward except some formatting issues that show both before and after recompiling the jrxml.

The first we've noticed is we have our default font set to Helvetica Sans Serif and it shows Serif. There is no evidence of a thrown missing font error in the logs.

The second is crosstab padding appears to be much larger (~5 pixels per side).

Neither of these show in JasperStudio itself, only on the server and as noted both issues occur before and after recompiling in JasperStudio. Any guidance on how to work around these formatting issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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