PHP REST Client - 401 Authentication error

I am just getting started with JasperReports Community Edition. I am looking to embed a report into a PHP web application. I have the report working in JasperServer 5.6.1, and I've installed the PHP rest client through composer, running version 2.0.0. I followed the steps on this documentation:

This request I keep throwing an error requiring 'authentication'. I've checked, and the user/password I am using is active in my JasperServer (just using the default jasperadmin/jasperadmin. The PHP client is getting loaded properly. I am just issuing a serverInfo() request, and it throws the 401 response. I've noticed that there are many questions out there about this issue, but none of them appear to be solved. Anyone know how to get over this hump?

Since this is a test environment, the web application and JasperServer are both running on the same box. I've picked up that Visualize.js is not available to community edition, but no where in the documentation I have read has it suggested that the PHP rest client is limited to the pro edition. Is that the case?

Any thoughts?

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Hi Joe, the PHP client should work fine with both CE and PRO. Can you censor and post your Client instantiation call?

grantbacon - 8 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

Check that error with your network admin, because the client of the example is working correctly ;)

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