Jasper Report input controls based on roles


I want to ask if this things is possible. Our client want to have a report where its input controls / prefilter is dynamic based on user role.

Let say, user1 is an admin and user2 is a normal user.

In one of the input control named Department,

  1. the select list will show all Departments for user1
  2. the select list will only show IT department for user2

Also, can we disabled the input controls for certain user / roles. Let say we want to disable Department input controls from user3.

I've read a lot of search on this matter and based on my research, it seems cannot be done. But want to reconfirm with you guys.


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1 Answer:

Yes, that is possible. Please refer to "Domain Security" in  JasperReports-Server-User-Guide.pdf for more information. JRS lets you define row level and column level security throgh xml file.

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