Is it possible to integrate ad-hoc reporting capabilities into an external system

Using any of the integration options? I.e. Rest API, Visualise.js, etc?

I don't even mind using IFrames if we can get around the user having to re-authenticate.

A bit of background; we have a web application that we are adding reporting to.  I would love to give users the ability to:

- Create adhoc reports/charts

- Save them as public or private (this could map to different folders under the jasper covers)

- Have a menu where the user can see all public and their own private ad-hoc report

And ideally all of this without ever leaving the existing web application.


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1 Answer:

There's currently no API nor Visualize.js support for Ad Hoc views. There was a webinar yesterday and Tibco Jaspersoft said they Visualize.js support is on the works. I would like to see that too.

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