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Dear Sirs
Good day.
New here, hope to find some help.
I have some static reports designed with iReports.
I started hearing of JasperReports Library and using iReport since I got a Java-based invoicing & accounting software.
The invoicing/accounting database is MySQL (I have the database running in my small Apache+PHP+MySQL server).
Also the invoicing/accounting application came to me with some reports  but they are not enought for me.
After some months I have done my own reports which read the same database (I used iReports).
Now I have done a small PHP applications for some features which I could not get from the invoicing/accounting application.
Since I am not a professional PHP programmer, will you please tell me which is the easiest way to call my static reports from the PHP application?
Which software from JasperSoft do I need running on my Apache+PHP+MySQL server? I mean which is the smallest solution I need from JasperSoft?
Do I only need the JasperReports Library? Do I need the JasperServer?
Do I also need Java running on my Apache+PHP+MySQL server?
My own reports are easy and static. I do not heed interactive reports. This is the reason I am looking for the smallest configuration.
Thank you very for your cooperation.
Looking forward to hearing from you

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Here is the summary.

  • Jasperreports: This comes bundles with jasperreport Server
  • Jaspersoft studio: this is used to design sophisticated report and layout.  Depending on your requirement, you might want to use it.
  • Jasperreport server: This is the server, You can use it to view your report, or even better call the webservices to get access to the report through your php code.

 Jasperreport Server is what you might be looking for to begin with. But depending on your requirement, you might have to add jaspersoft studio. 

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