Time zone localization in Jasper Server - solution

This is not a question but an answer to one which a number of people have asked: namely how to localise reports in Jasper Server with respect to time zone

I have written a wiki page about it. I can't seem to link directly to it here, but if you go to the wiki, click How-To in the common searches and then search for time zone localization you should find it


Hope it is useful

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Just a small note that can help other people reading the article posted above. Under the section 3. Setting the user’s time zone it is written following by the author:

"The value provided here gets set as the REPORT_TIME_ZONE parameter. 

It might be possible to set the user’s time zone when logging in via some SSO mechanism but I have not investigated this."

If you are making the build yourself from the source code, you can override it from file jasperreports.properties located under: jasperserver\jasperserver-war\src\main\webappAdditions\WEB-INF\classes.

Just uncomment last line property net.sf.jasperreports.jdbc.time.zone and set your time zone instead of REPORT_TIME_ZONE value (use quotes to ensure unescaping): 

# use the report/user time zone to fetch values from databases
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