Accessible tagged PDF with JAWS (508 compliance)

Another question about accessible tagged PDF files:

Has anyone been able to create an accessible tagged PDF file that can actually be read by a screen reader such as JAWS or NVDA?

Using tips from other entries in this forum, we have been able to create a PDF file that contains tags for headings and data tables, but JAWS and NVDA are unable to read the tagged content. Our file is fairly simple; it contains:

  • A heading level 1 at the top of the document,
  • Some paragraph text,
  • A heading level 2 to start a new section.
  • A data table containing a single row of column headers (TH tags) followed by multiple rows of table data (TD tags).

(We are using the latest screen reader versions: JAWS 15, NVDA 2014.3. We are currently using Jasper Studio 5.6.0.)

If anyone has been able to create a tagged pdf file that can actually be read by JAWS or NVDA, it would be really awesome if you could post the JRXML file you used, and any other hints you might have.

Thanks, Dan

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