How to import jrxml Files into Jasper Report Server?

Hi folk,

currently, i am checking out the Jasper Server Professional 30-days test version.

I have created some reports by using the report disgner jasper studio. I would like to ask if it is possible to import jrxml files into the jasper sever and how can i do this.

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2 Answers:

Hello you can follow this tutorial connect-jaspersoft-studio-jasperreports-server

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Great advice :) Thanks

florian.johannssen - 8 years 11 months ago

hi, there is two methodes to importing reports in Jasper Reports Server.

First method is to publish your report directly from the Jaspersoft Studio, to publishing report:

Open the report and click the button with a blue arrow in the upper-right corner of the designer. In the opened window you can browse the server directory structure to choose where to place the report. Select the Reports folder as in the image above. Name the report unit you are creating to contain all the files for the report we are uploading (for this example we can use "ColumnsSample"). Then click Next.

In the next step we have to handle the data source. Exporting a report is quite simple, but exporting the data source used to fill the report it isn't so trivial. For exporting the data source we have three options:

  • Data source from repository: the server will use a data source already there it to fill the report, so we will only need to browse the server until we find the wanted data source.
  • Local data source
  • Don't use any data source: only the report is exported without any data source connection

We will use the third option, which is the default one, and click Finish. The report is uploaded to the server and, if there are no errors, an appropriate message will be shown.

Second method is to directly import a jasper report into the JasperReports Server, to know how to do it:

  1. Login as a admin

  2. Right click on the Data Sources under Repository->Reports

  3. Select Add Resource->JasperReport

I hope it help you, regards.

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