Unattended Install of JasperReports Server CE 5.6



Can anyone point me to documentation on unattended installation of JasperReprots Server CE v 5.6?



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Look at the WAR installation steps in the "JasperReports Server Install Guide".

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Thanks hozawa, but this doesn't help. There are way too many steps I'll need to automate if I have to install the war file. What I need is a way to use the jasper server default install, but passing parameters so I don't have to type in a "Y" for license agreement and a "N" for installing the sample reports. Is there another way out?

max_max_mir - 5 years 10 hours ago

Nope. If you use zip archives of Tomcat and MySQL, you only have to extract them and run few scripts to set them up. JasperReports Server war installation can also be installed with just few scripts if you just pre-generate default_master.properties.
It's also possible to build your own installer with the above steps but that'll be a little more complicated.

hozawa - 4 years 12 months ago