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Hello professionals,

 I have a master report which include inside it a subreport , i call the master report from jsf 2 page , the two report have a fields that get value depend on JSF FacesContext instance ,when i called the Master report all fields in the Master report get values and can access the FacesContext without any problem , but the fields inside the subreport can not access the FacesContext , it always return null when i called ( FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() ).

but if i called the subreport alone i.e( without master ) it has an instance of the FacesContext i.e(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()  dose not return null ), the problem is the FacesContext instance dose not inhitried inside subreport how can i access it from the sub report i.e(inherite jsf facescontext to subreport) ?



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I am having the exact same problem which causes me a lot of issues. I have a FormatFactory that I pass to the report which

gets the user locale from the JSF session bean and works just fine in a master report but fails to work in a subreport because

FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() results to null.

Any ideas on how we can resolve this issue?





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