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This may seem like a very broad question, but I am trying to learn from others and their experience. We are developing a SaaS solution and have signed up with Jasper on Amazon and are trying to create embedded reports. We are trying to make the reports look as a native part of our application and are therefore using our own filter parameter objects (drop down, check boxes, etc) and are passing paramters. We are using visualize.js.

Currently it takes us about 2-3 weeks to develop just 1 report. What is your experience with this? What approaches work to create a rich library of reports quickly and integrate them in a visually appealing manner?

thank you, K.

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1 Answer:

Find which part of report development is requiring the most time. If it's taking 1-2 weeks to design the page/report, using tools may not shorten the total development time.

I've developed a simple Visualize.js portlet and using it with Liferay to speed up web page development. I'm can use themes in Liferay to get a consistent look and feel.

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