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I would like to put a bunch of summary graphics on the FIRST page of the report, before dumping of the details. So, for example, let's say I have a bunch of sales figures for a product over a month. On the first page of the report I want to show a couple of graphics (max units by store, max $ by store, that sort of thing), then force a page break, and print the detail report.

Right now I do this using two reports and merging them. That gets messy and it would be far easier (particularly in terms of making changes) if I could do all this in one report.

If you know a clever trick to do this, I would very much appreciate a note.



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maybe i'm missing something here...why not use the title band?

ernestoo - 6 years 1 month ago

Thank you emestoo. This turned out to be a great suggestion. I had actully tried this about 14 months ago but I'd get weird printouts from one of our older printers that, unfortunately, is deployed everywhere. After reading your note, I tried running the old report and this time everything seems to be working. I can only guess that something was fixed in Jasper Server since we try to keep up with updates.

Anyway... THANK YOU for your great suggestion.


bob_8 - 6 years 1 month ago

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You have many options, but i'd recommend using jaspers <break  type="page"> tag, either in the title band or subreport.

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Thank you getbeedfrobe.

bob_8 - 6 years 1 month ago