I've created my report and built it now, I need to connect and interact with my Java application?

Hi, good day, I've just finished my report design and all the elements are arranged now as to the required design... I need to use it now for my java application, may I ask if what direction or tutorials I should read in order to implement this in my java desktop application? Thank you. I've read some on google but most of it are tutorials based on iReport... I need to copy some jar files as well in my class path... I'm going to be entering data into a JTable and then generating a jasper report based on the table information and then making a PDF... which direction or tutorial should I go from here? Thanks again.


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If you developed JasperReports program, you've probably downloaded the JasperReports zip file. There is a demo directory. Look in that directory to find sample codes to accomplish what you want to do.

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thank you

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